Class Warfare


Do you really know what that means? Are you any more concerned? What next? Irreversible?

As normal, I won’t sugarcoat this. These are very tough economic times – with far too many people out of work, struggling to make ends meet, or living in poverty.

So it’s stunning that in the face of all this pain, "Politicians and People" only seem to show compassion for one group: the wealthiest among us.

The flip side to that is, the average American does not have a clue. They/YOU stand helpless as you do not know what to do.

As millionaires and billionaires are being asked to pay their fair share in taxes, instead they have opted to deem this quest as class warfare. To you, does that mean the wealthiest among us would rather fight than to help average Americans shoulder the burdens of these very tough economic times? Did average Americans put us into tough economic times?

Is this class warfare reversible? I say that to say, you had better start doing something for yourself before the shit hits the fan. join me here

If things do not change, I would suggest you prepare yourself for "Class Warfare". Class warfare seems to be the aim – and it must end somewhere!

I ask you to join me here

(((your inner

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