What does conditioning and an elephant have to do with your and my pain?

What about our ability to make something from nothing, TOLL FREE? What does TOLL FREE mean exactly?


Conditioning and elephants, I am hurting...and hurt. When my friends tell me they are hurting, I hurt. As I am writing many of them are going through the unimaginable, which helps to prepare me. So let us kick this thing up into the spiritual world, where it can be dealt with once and for all. First understand I love you.

When you hurt I hurt, though that is the reason why we came together. Think about that, can you acknowledge and confirm when anyone of us learn another is hurting, it makes us hurt? What’s up with our planning that brought us together, who dropped the ball? Are you frustrated? Guilty feelings, you have helped me so much and now that I am going, you tell me you are broke-down, back to square one. When, how did this happen? Let’s see how conditioning and elephants apply to our situation: When They Are Very Young And Much Smaller We Use The Same Size Rope To Tie Them And, At That Age, it's Enough To Hold Them.

As elephants Grow Up, They Are Conditioned To Believe They Cannot Break Away. They Believe The Rope Can Still Hold Them, So They Never Try To Break Free. These Animals Could At Any Time Break Free From Their Bonds But Because They Believed They Couldn't, They Were Stuck Right Where They Were.

Like The Elephants, How Many Of Us Go Through Life Hanging Onto A Belief That We Cannot Do Something, Simply Because We Failed At it Once Before ? Wise Say, " Your Attempt May Fail, But Never Fail To Make An Attempt .

(((your inner

Love, Oneness!

Nothing is ever promised!

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