costly and racist arrests in the US

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What the hell are the others doing, while we are worried about kids everywhere else?

Think about something greater than yourself? For one time in the history of your life, stand up for what you honestly know.

If you do not know anything about Marijuana why turn your nose up at it? Why kill something you have no earthly idea about? You don't use it, you do not tolerate it and now what? I am no big fan of beer or fast food, but I know the deadly implications both.

If you know something then prove them wrong. Don't force them in to submission, but prove them wrong.

Do you realize how many teenagers get their lives ruined all over "a joint"? Do you realized how many Americans don't give a shit, but they give a shit about what's happening to the kids in other parts of the world?

Do you realize how many cops go from zero to 100mph when they see a marijuana plant? And that is just from seeing one, then if its is in a school zone? No matter how little your 3 plants are and not intended for distribution; cops and our justice system go absolutely berserk where a marijuana plant is involved.

Doesn’t that tell you something is serious wrong? Must you smoke or not smoke to realize that? We have gone, well overboard with this smoking shit and you know it. It’s like it used to be against pornography and now, viewing the naked body is art work. It took a tattoo to tell us that.

I'm not going to talk about how good marijuana is because that horse has been beat to death. I am going to talk about how bad we are about it?

Either way, there are going to be Nay Sayers, but think about what you are doing to a whole society and world. You are sending the wrong signals. The shit is not working and we need to recreate a whole new way of dealing with, not only Marijuana, but all our other problems. Don’t you see that?

It is not just marijuana, that’s just one tiny problem, but it is the whole damn justice system. Sometimes I think about mr. Thomas and the rest of them. Are you all that out of touch? Why are you so ignorant and abusive to our future?

These youth and minorities are our future. Why do you apply so much unnecessary pressure to a people, who is just trying to survive? Why don’t you make room for all kind? This world is for all kind isn’t it? Why do you just keep doing stupid shit in order to make your own self look good? Marijuana is here, it is here to stay, it ain’t Art Thomas who brought it here and it ain’t Art Thomas you’re locking up.

But it is the beginning of a Revolution. It is the beginning of a new era? It is the beginning of doing things that make sense for all people. Is our justice system for the people or is it for just a few “self-righteous people”?

Are we that power hungry? Are we that naïve? Think about shit: you can have whiskey but will arrest you for marijuana? Getting kind of old isn't it?

Something we know everybody who thinks they are somebody denys’ ever using, whether they did or not. Why do we force people to tell a lie? Where is the room for giving some space? Is it better to smoke a joint or buy a car? Is it better to smoke a joint or go to college? Is it better to smoke a joint or become a Politician? A lying ass jack-leg preacher? A squeaky clean teacher? Is it better to be a Banker?

Look at shit. The whole damn economy is going under, everybody is depressed as hell, we can’t keep enough prescription drugs on hand for their asses. More people than ever before are addicted to prescription drugs, but we still do not see a problem. Even as early as grade school, we start our children out depending on drugs? So where is the problem?

The problem is, but we cannot see one for smoking a joint. How much money do we waste policing the illegal use of prescription drugs? Is it new? Is it forever increasing? How do you differentiate between the two, real and unreal?

Let's see: Diabetes, High blood pressure, Sleep disorder, Stress, Predatory lending, fuel and oil addiction, Finances, Obesity, Abortion, Gender, Corruption, prescription drug abuse; don't we have a lot more important to address? Are our priorities out of order?

It is no violation to smoke marijuana, but it is a serious offense to lie about it. Would it be okay to rob somebody and lie about it? Do you see where this is going? Do you see how we get this alarming crime rate and we do it all to ourselves?

Why punish someone, unnecessarily for doing something you know you did and got away with? Why be hypocritical about the whole thing?

You can have all these other material vices, but no marijuana?

What are we going to do with all these offenders? Are the problems of non-supporters greater than the problem of supporters? How do we guard against? Why do we target youth and minorities? What the hell are the others doing? You know!

I am a firm believer that legalizing marijuana cannot solve all our problems, but it is a damn good start and show of faith. I am firm believer that legalizing marijuana will make us a truly greater nation, better than lying, stealing, killing and destroying.

Stop being an antagonist or is that "a pain in the ass", making life miserable forever for everybody, go here and learn for yourself: NORML.ORG

Stop sending yourself to hell and start working with those who are seriously working with the problem.

Stop "not caring". Show your love, sign up and learn at NORML.ORG

Do you just keep applying pressure until something breaks, ignoring the pressure building? If you do nothing else REFORM MARIJUANA LAWS.

(((your inner

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