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Even though we are dying everyday, Sometimes people just can't die fast enough to suit us. So keep reading to see if you name is on the Death Penalty List..

Anger, resentment, frustration and revenge are all some of the fury we just can't wait to release when something happens to us or within our society.

If we was like that with forgiveness, it would be a much better world, no matter what happens, life keeps on moving, but not with us. We feel we have the right to straighten things out and little do we know, we're screwing them up even worst. And even worse, we're in a denial.

Though we know we're not supposed to kill anyone, we've got smart enough to figure, We Know Better. Even worse, we've become so comfortable in that opinion, we don't want to change and others of us are as confused as hell.

Either you are for the death penalty or against and being "for" has now sentenced you to death. But you will not accept that? That is why your name is on the Death Sentenced list. You have sentenced your own self.

Some ((misguided)) Americans are Proud of that fact, But I am here to tell you, by your own Bible, Pride/proud, is a mighty bad word. These gun-ho to put people to death have gone from one extreme to the other, they can't see it, in denial of it and you cannot tell them any different. So does that tell you what kind of people are running this country or is that destroying it? And no matter how bad our economy gets, you talk about "what the law says"?

Why did they put Native Americans to death? Why did they put African Slaves to death? Do you trust the judgment of such a misguided people? Knowing you, how confused and stupid you are, you probably do.

According to Amnesty International, 93 percent of the world’s executions take place in five countries: China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and the United States. Why is our government on such a list? Now, you know how your name got on the Death Penalty list.

The death penalty is a natural outgrowth of our long history of using violence to achieve our ends.

America is a very young country, and violence has always worked for us in the past, but we will deny it every time. We actually glorify violence, especially when "we" think acts of violence is in our favor.

It began with the settling of this continent and the genocide against Native Americans, then continued when we brought slaves over.

Where will it end? Read more: Politics/Troy-Davis-Capital-Punishment-Death-Penalty-America

(((your inner

Stoned to Death

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