Dependent Upon the People Who Enslaved Us To Help Save Us

African Americans are under their systems (mandated and held accountable), IAW their established laws--government, education..., which were created and being enforced to further their mean and end; and to the demise of Africans freed in America.

African Americans have never given cause, been targeted or started a war, but we are enlisted and highly encouraged to fight theirs. Who really is Cassius Clay, one of the few who mustard the nerve and had the audacity to stand for truth and that was, he had no cause for war against anyone, further; he advocated for peace in Vietnam, not war?

Africans, freed in America, were just let loose; no allowances, considerations, reparations nor signs of remorse for suffering the atrocities of slavery. This "letting loose" insured Africans could not and would not survive without being solely dependent upon our masters for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As a matter of fact, their treatment of Africans helped to ensure the demise of Africans freed in America. A government by the people for the people, our constitutional right, this could not be further from the truth for freed Africans living in America.

Their systems did not make allowances nor take into consideration the terrible acts of nor inhumane treatment committed by slavery. Nor do these systems take into consideration, our inherit differences. Nor do they show signs of remorse. Their systems literally left Africans in America for dead and more inhumane treatment.

Even greater, in 2008, they still do. Their jails are filled with more Africans Americans, especially makes, than any other. Further, they have a way of making African Americans feel guilty for slavery and the lack of reparations thereof. When can we cross the great divide and be brothers? Their attitudes being, we do not owe you anything, but you do owe us.

Realizing all of this, Africans in America begged and demanded humane treatment. In some cases we fought, but us fighting them, violated their established double-standard laws and further offended them, even though these laws violated the human rights of Black people.

Meeting their established criteria to get whatever it is we need has always been just out of reach for African Americans. In this endeavor we are so engrossed to keep-up and beat them at their own game. Just does not make "cents" does it? A means to nowhere?

Our three basic needs, Food, Clothing and Shelter were denied. We can not own them. We can not set and live by our own inherited standards. And still today, African Americans own so few businesses in these industries that we must rely upon the status quo to provide for us.

Living under American systems, no matter our will, we can not afford to do other wise. The sad part about that is, I am not sure African Americans even realize it. Then, why are we so faint?

Oh bummer!

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