Job scared

How do you become a life coach, why? Why teach destruction???

What does job scared mean, the consequences and to whom does it apply? Why are our jobs dwindling? Why are they making us worse instead of better?

Are your jobs being used to produce quality products and services or are they used to control you? Is that how integration evolved? Is this job security or job “false sense of security”? Just how do you get job security? Is it by never completing the job or creating more problems than you resolve?

A person job scared, will do anything to keep his job, including taking advantage of you, including going to school for twelve years to learn something that has absolutely nothing to do with their job. There is a huge difference between job and your work. We forego our own work responsibility in order to do somebody else’s job. Now, if I asked you to do that, you would tell me you don’t have time. A person job scared is scared because he does not know how to naturally survive, without a pay check . A job scared person, His job takes priority over his common sense, God and his people, but he makes himself believes otherwise. Why would you risk leaving your kids in the hands of your enemy to go out and complete a job for your enemy? Is being job scared economically and socially sound? Is today proof?

Is that why it takes so long to educate you?

(((your inner

Pants down Head up???

Developing a sense being!

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