Dominant Attitude

How does "one" work? They refuse to open their minds and live to best bring about peace and harmony.

I like to be around people who can teach me something, isn't that growth? If you really want to know how you are living look inside a prison - whips, ropes and handcuffs. Do you realize the number of women working these places?

What about the ability to plan? Can you plan any damn thing with a broke down ass spouse? If not, what will there be to look forward to? All they can fucking do is talk. They will not plan nothing but they will talk your fucking ears off.

It’s okay as long as you live together, but imagine marrying someone like that.

What’s your point? How do we plan to get out of the shit we're in? All these rules and regulations but shit only gets worse? Why loneliness, because we set ourselves up for it? Why no peace, because of our dominant attitude. Why failure, because we refuse to change. Who takes the dominant role mentally and physically?

How do people get along without a piece of paper? What happens when your husband goes left and you right? What about your children how do you teach them?

It’s amazing how husband and wife get along, how they keep the peace? You ain’t going to let me tell you, but you’ll let them tell you, then you will say, you had a choice. How would you ever get your freak on, when what they say, over-rules what you say? My question to you is, “where is the peace”?

I think about how people lose their spouse, the person you said you're suppose to love? Do you just grow a part? How is that growth?

More than one! You know people get used to shit and refuse to change, standing in line for example. What happens when there is no line? Back doors, then how do you come in the front? Spanking children, then how else to you discipline them? Everything you do is dependent upon the system. Now, that is Big Government.

If more than one could solve your problem would you do it? People standing in line waiting on a job? What's the difference than a street corner?

What happened to checks and balances? How did your stupid ass let that slip away? What were you doing, what were you thinking? Why are your children having to go somewhere else to be trained? Why can’t you train your own damn children to grow up the way you want? Does any of these questions reveal anything to your stupid ass. Does that reveal you are a slave to the “dollar”, you are trapped by it?

How does "one" work? If the one you had never worked? Would you try something different? Americans and especially Americans, we brag about how smart we are, how Bible wise, but never tell how much we lie to cover the truth. A dominant attitude is a preconceived notion. Come hell to high water, you are never going to change it. Will smoke ever be allowed in Church? Not long as it is considered a dominant attitude.

You can light a fire in church to stay warm, but you can’t smoke. You can turn on air conditioning, play loud ass music, chew gum, sport fashions… anything but “come as you are”. If you couldn’t figure the shit out, how can anyone else? How can a Christian have a slave, kill, lie, cheat steal, what’s the difference and they are still racially motivated – the dominant attitude. Do you remember Jim Crow?

The down economy has some turning to whips and chains as a way to earn some extra cash. Especially, Black Americans, we are some Uncle Tom lying asses, but thank God Mother Nature is leveling the playing field. We will not tell the truth about welfare and all we did to get it. The Bible and all we did to get it? Today, and all we did to get?

I’m reminded of being Trapped and instead of exposing the trap, you invite others to join you in the trap. Even though you can’t keep a relationship, you invite others into relationships you cannot keep. All the beautify weddings and you know they’re not going to last. Well, why and how do you see it so wise to “dress up so”? You’ll have to think about shit! Why a limo? Tuxedos? Why do you do those foolish things? What happened to the wise things - humble?

Do you know what kind of atrocities were endured for your stupid ass to grow and do that shit? What about dog fighting, domestic violence, child abuse? Is the department of children and services wrong?

Why will you not listen to me but your monkey will do what they say? Are you a glamorized whore or what? How wrong we are is just that obvious. What about police, are they any better? Department of justice, are they just?

And you want to know why all is in decline, economic and social, why all is awry? That’s what makes me want to curse.

You think about a people, who never had anything and their attention is captured by a people who never had anything. Where were the diseases before you arrived?

Would it be normal for the captured to adopt the evil ways of their captures? That’s how you must check yourself. You’ve been in the trap for so long, you’ve been acclimated to living trapped. Even if the trap door was open, you would be too stupid to leave.

The simple shit is unbelievable. The door is open, but you rather sit around and do without until your captives come to bring you whatever they want you to have - A dominant attitude.

You ever wonder why Blacks ain’t got nothing, they don’t own shit? We want a change, but refuse to change? And it is no longer “racialtude” but dominant attitude. You say everything is possible, but when it comes right down to it, you are limited by your own mind, your own fears. You just don’t have the courage to venture out on your own. You don’t have the courage to follow your own mind.

Why is divorce so traumatic? If you know how traumatic, then why take the chance? Why risk it? Is that where the paper comes in, so others can see? Do you understand the success principle behind Victoria’s Secret? You should be beat, worked, tied down until you give in.

Your dominant attitude says smoke, beat your wife’s ass, beat your children to discipline, cheat, revenge, rape, steal, destroy, Your dominant attitude is how and why domestic violence flourish? You are literally hog-tied, hobbled, just get a DUI and you’ll see – zero tolerance.

So what about good shit, when, how does it happen? If they didn’t give it to you in a book then your stupid ass would not know what to do? This is why our economy is declining, where is the creativity and innovation? Where are the Human BEings? Do you really know what that means or are you limited by your own dominant attitude?

“The toughest job you’ll ever love”What would happen if we “all” escaped together? Could we live FREE! Would you start blaming one for fucking the other? How would you get what you wanted? Would you make a new written law? No, you must not quick smoking, but you must change your dominant attitude, those for and against. Dominating females, crime ridden, can we ever live together, in peace and harmony?

What good does it do you to "not agree"? You must find a way to agree.

(((your inner

Lopsided Lovers is this how fights start?

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