What's Drunk?

Drunk or sober, why cannot we agree on anything?

Must you get drunk to have a good time

Any more all they have to do is add a little alcohol to encourage you to do in an alcohol induced state of drunkenness, what you really want to do in a sober state, but just can’t quite seem to get over, what others may think.

This moment, what are you?

Must you take a drink to get drunk? What about smoke a joint?

Most of the time it to deal with the attention and reaction of those around you. You are determine, dead set to prove a point.

People are simply doing all they can to deal with the stresses of the world. Remember, we didn't have all these problems until you arrived. Everything was in peace and harmony with Nature until you arrived with all your "good ideas" and now look.

Even worse, you do not want to take responsibility, but lay blame. Any excuse is better than none

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