I am reminded of a Dictatorship, how, why???

Cannabis, circles, cycles, caring and sharing?

Even worse are Corruption, Cronyism and Stupidity. Which is worse?

I’ve had a chance to peek over into the world of communism and of all the people I saw, they didn’t look disgruntled at all. I’m not saying they weren’t, but from an outward appearance they didn’t look it.

I’ve also had a chance to see people in poverty, at least that is what we call it, but all I know they could be saying the same about me.

Put your heart and soul into whatever it is you do and if you don’t then don’t cry when it’s gone?

What good is freedom, when you’re not free enough to make a decision? What good is a decision when someone else makes all of them for you? Are you more or less than a “common criminal”?

Why are we in such disagreement about everything? There is not one point on which we can peaceful compromise, not one.

How do you expect, why would you expect me to trust ALL of your decisions, if you do not accept not one of mine? I'll admit to my fetiches, weed smoking, women.... But what good does that do me, when you are making all my decisions.

Violations, you set the standard. Where is the room for my Higher Standards? What if I made it a violation of law for a Politician to lie, A banker to come up short or over...?

What if I made it against the law to attend the church? What if I made you go to school with the very people you hated?

How am I solving the problem, the reason for the problem? Which is more, the most important - alcoholism or greed?

A dictatorship!

(((your inner

What does low-self esteem cause? Higher Self-Esteem.

Porn ruins men?

Cannibalism and the taste of flesh

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