Economic Turmoil

What's really going on?

Economic turmoil and meltdown, how many more phrases do we need to warn us?

I am not sure if it is not already too late but if there is something that can be done, will you please do it before I go underwater? Because the more I do, the more things seem to go down hill.

Economic turmoil and meltdown?

Better question to whom does these apply, does it matter and what can you do about it?

Do you think our leaders really want us out of this thing? Why do not they come together?

If you look at the American people you would think all is well, but for more than 12 years or economy has either been in economic turmoil or meltdown. Does not economic turmoil mean extreme confusion, agitation, or commotion? Doesn’t economic meltdown mean sudden downturn brought on by a financial crisis? Don’t they both indicate something serous has gone wrong with our economy and if not corrected serious devastation and disaster are inevitable?

Can we repair it? Why don’t we? Why do we act so matter of fact about the whole thing? It seems our leaders are more interested to argue over party lines than address the issues facing the nation before it is too late. It seems our people are happy with this.

When our economy falls, will it fall on us? Will it hurt? Will we survive? Not if we don’t do something.

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Economic meltdown.

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