Oldest Profession


Loss of home, job, family freedom, I have worked all my life, don't let your time do you. Is this the beginning of the end? Pain, deceit, is this the first day of the rest of your life? Have you forgotten from where you came? Did you run away or were you pushed?

Prositution is the oldest profession in the world and is still taboo.

Primarily run by women, the reason prostitution exist is because earning money is a hard job and sex is in great demand. Sex is in greater demand than we care to admit.

The attitude is, you are my investment and I must get my money back.

Life is harder when you feel alone. Supremacy comes by force in an unforgiving world. Is it fair for you to read what I write and for you to hide what you write?

It takes power to make things happen, many use that power to keep things from happening?

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