Edward Ross Thomas

Prayer for my son,

I pray the same for my oldest son and further, we've been worn down by life's hardships and we've let bitterness take root. We've been hurt and feel it is too late. The love we want, we cannot find it in our hearts to share. We have been and are pitted. No ifs, ands or buts about that, I love you. Always remember, no son had it easier.

The wise father lets his son leave.

He knows his son will make his own decision about accepting his father's dreams for him and his dreams for his father.

I know there's no place we can go nor anything we can do that God's loving arms cannot reach and rescue us, if we want to be reached.

I rest in the security and certainty of God's love. He knows what's keeping us apart and from giving each other our whole heart. I fear not and pray He will take our burden and place it within the comfort of His love and hold our hand as we walk along the path of life.

Where ever we are and whatever we are doing, I love you, I pray for your success and I trust in God's unfailing love for us. Hiram, GA

Your Dad

Aaron Ross Thomas

Jessica LaRoss Thomas

Olivia Thomas

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