Who are the evil people in America 2011


The problem is, “we do not want to point them out”.

Too often I feel like you all have fingered me. Who are the evil people in America 2011?

I heard that question asked on one popular tv program and it did not come with a clear answer. They talked about we should not pit Americans against Americans or we do not know. There were numerous other divides mentioned in an effort to identify or point out people responsible for evil acts against Americans. But what this did was made it look like stereotyping, which it was. I don’t think none came as clear nor close as the identification I am about to make here.

They are the leaders of our great country and the followers who commit evil acts and support them, without exposing them. These evil acts are disguised in an attempt to create confusion and chaos diverting attention from the underlying reasons and responsible parties.

For those reasons and due to long periods of cronyism and corruption, it’s hard to point fingers, but today is proof these evil people and acts exist and have infiltrated every level of the American government. It was the same as with slavery. Slavery supporters were not identified for prosecution, as a matter of fact, people in their evil minds, were able to justify this evil horror to themselves and embraced it. It was the same with Indian Wars and it was the same with women rights. Pitting one American against another or one slave against another is the same evil mentality with which we operate in today, 2011 and want to abolish.

We boast about being able to bring criminals to justice, but when it comes to politics, we have a heck of a time cleaning up our government. Just like I know evil acts and people in my town and my family, you know who they are in our government and if you do not, you need to be replaced. KISS.

It is not responsible nor acceptable to say, "we do not know or cannot identify who these habitual offenders/violators are?Follow the money?"

We are not against Americans, but what’s evil; we stand for what’s good and wholesome for our country, believing if it is good for us, then it will be good for all mankind. That is what makes America, America.

Playing politics is like playing Russian roulette with our lives and country, how many times can you spend the revolver before hitting the one bullet that's going to shoot you?

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