Economic Decline and Stopping It


I beg to differ and say there's a lot we can do, all of that which we have failed to do and here's why.

If you keep going with the flow, what would be the incentive to change?

I was talking with a friend today and Virginia says there is nothing she/we could do and we can't afford it. I am thinking most Americans feel that way. To me, that is a hopeless society, who has given up and now just take abuse in a declining society. Further, the do nothing or the wrong thing attitude is what led to economic decline. Even during slavery, when hope was less than it is today, they didn’t give up.

I understand the resistance in going against the grain. It seems hopeless and wasted effort. However, the question is: Can we afford not to change. Even with the very best intentions, it's so easy for us to get sucked up into the whirlwind of pride. We can start out with the most humble objectives, but somehow we always seem to end up stumbling over our own selfish desires and motives.

Most Americans understand how dire our current economic situation really is, but we have lived with it so long, it is hard to know the difference. And if even though we are struggling more today than ever before, we are in serious denial about why and what to do? And that’s because we have been out of control for so long, out of control seems to be the norm, even though we know different. Yes, we had slavery and Indian wars, but people did not give up. Today, no wars and people have given in to the evils of the world, yet they still claim to be Christians and to believe. Even though most folk in church profess their divine power, they feel powerless against our economy.

Another question, for what are you working when in the end, you are worse off than when you started? By worse off, I mean lying, stealing, cheating and killing and in denial about the whole “double standard” process. Our systems are setup to cause you to fail. On top of all that, we know we’re failing; all you need to do to confirm is take one look at our justice system and system of doing justice. If you really look at what’s going on, you can’t help but be angry. How can we keep educating our folk for jobs that are busy going away? I thank God for this avenue of relief.

What can you do about “going with the flow of a declining economy”? You can go down with the ship or standup for what you know is good and wholesome. How can we ever achieve good and wholesome if the very people the system was created to support, never stand? How will they know if you keep quiet? Where is the healthy resistance?

As Americans we are too quick to tell others to resist abuse, but we take more abuse than we are willing to admit. Does it have to do with the abuse and violence that created America – race and gender? Do you know understand these are gross atrocities that cannot be tolerated? What would you tell me if I was in denial about abusing or bullying my family?

Age limitations? Many in their sixties and seventies believe they can do nothing more and therefore feel retired from the struggle for a good and wholesome society. The thing about that is, these problems were created by sixty and seventy year olds going alone with the program. Now, you know they were wrong, how can you wash your hands from your sense of responsibility for them? Now, our young people are struggling with problems they do not understand nor make sense.

It's all about attitude? How can we expect a different result by doing the same ole same ole attitude? The only way economic decline will stop is people change. Keep hope alive, positive Change starts from within. Be the change in the world you want to see. Be humble!

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