Exceptionalism In America

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What are you doing Exceptional for your country?

Exceptionalism in these trying times for our nation, the importance of American exceptionalism could not be greater. Through my personal and professional life, I have taken advantage many opportunities afforded by the American Dream.

Most memorial of which was Attended an all white private school in middle Georgia, I grew up on both sides of the fence when it wasn't quite fashionable for either to be openly together on any street.

I defended my country, with honors. Embarked upon higher education. And taken on many business challenges, from right here in "the dirty south". These are some of my efforts to account for the weaknesses of the working-class radicalism.

The pressures of the South, I am not afraid to let you know them and eager to make it better. They probably ain't what you think as much as what you know and refuse to recognize.

I challenge you to American Exceptionalism, but this time in a good exceptional way, especially in the South?

I enjoy being in the ranks of those doing great exceptional things for our country and that's exactly where I am, "the country".

Here's you some more good Art Thomas American Exceptionalism of this great nation. Join us for more American Exceptionalism, Petition HFR

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