The Perfect Example of Failure

How is the economy today, why? In God We Trust!

In God WE Trust??? Where is that slogan most prevalent displayed? Has that made for a positive difference? We started out with a good thing, now, look where that good thing as taken us? The costs? The more important question is: Can you afford it, can "we"?

Why not be honest with yourselves? Then there's always the smart-ass claiming he can fix it? Just give me your money, donate. Would you like to DONATE? Are you told to do that on your JOB? Is it a mute point? Are they givers or just "takers"?

Other than the service they want to be paid for, what have they given today? Whose giving away money? People will use the shit out of you and even crazier, you act like you like, then you wonder why you are being abused?

Who makes the money? cAn they be trusted?

Even on a global scale, how is your economy today? Upon who can you trust and depend? Is it only the dollar?

I want money just as much as anyone else, but do I really need it? Have I been or being conditioned I need money to live? How does money compare to food, water, shelter, transportation, health, things you really need?

If everyone is doing stupid-shit, would you do stupid-shit too? Now, look at all the stupid-shit we do and that is a mild description for how much and how long.

Look at all these failed and phony relationships, justified just for the money. Is that how we bring proper attention to ourselves? What did land ever cost us? How did it go from "free" to dollars and cents? Does that make sense?

Are you validated by dollars and cents? Do they make you feel like a better person? Do you look up to them? Do you tell people God wants them?

What exactly is "fair trade"? Does God really need your money, does his church need you to make regularly scheduled monetary donations?

So how do you get out of all these erroneous demands other people place on you?

People talk about the perfect storm, well this is it, erroneous demands you place on yourself and/or by others - The perfect example for failure.

Is there a better way?

(((your inner

Dollar today

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