Famous dead people

Am I one?

Yes, you are one. I want to be famous, but I want to be alive. And you said you can't find a job?

When I saw this website, I couldn't not believe it? Who would have ever thought it and had the nerve to do it?

though there's nothing wrong with it per se, target audience, would you have thought so many people would be interested? How would you promote it? Now, do you understand the difference between rich and poor, not saying they're rich but they are rich in ideas.

What are Your Top Picks for the Most Famous Deaths of 2011?

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With so many famous deaths in 2011 (Steve Jobs, Andy Rooney, Osama Bin Laden, etc.), it's hard to determine who is the most famous. Well FamousDead.com has put together a very intuitive application that allows you to rank the most famous deaths of 2011, by simply dragging and dropping them in order. After you submit your choices, you can see the global top 10 list:

famous dead Top 10, is that 2011?

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What she really wants.

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