she wants

She wants this, no she wants that, Man what exactly does she want?

Will a woman ever tell what she really wants? Does it do any good to ask a woman for what she wants?

I know exactly what I want? If that is true, it’s cold.Will a woman ever tell you exactly what she wants? Are they too emotional to say?

Tell them what they want to hear. Is your friend wants selfish? Then you must constantly remind them of what they said they were going to do. Do you know how heartbreaking it is when somebody tells you a lie? Disappointment.

Is it like asking where do you want this piece of furniture, this picture hung…?

Some are reluctant to tell because they feel what they want will be used against them? Well, it can, if. But what’s far you, nobody can take away. But does that fit a man?

Women are peculiar people. The feel a real man ought to know what they want.

What they know is, we don’t know they don’t know. They set dates for women.

I’m happy my wife ran out of time before our wedding or I am sure she would still be planning!

So what about that you have not because you ask not? What's the best way to keep from being disappointed? Do you ever want to disappoint?

(((your inner

Ask for what you want?

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