Finding that Special Man


The natural order of things, I hear so many horror stories about marriages and relationships, it makes me wonder?

What were they thinking, what went wrong? Why couldn't they work things out?

I asked this one nice young lady, What are you going to do when you find that special man in your life? This is what she said:

I cook from scratch all the time. I don't do canned foods. Of course, a few things from can, but not much.

Haven't had too much wild game.

When I find that man, I will treat him as a "man," the head of the relationship, with me at his hem. From stem to stern, we will guide our ship through whatever the waters of life put in front of us. It will be done "together and with communication." - Kool Beans

I wonder how Oprah would would respond to that?

So what's happening to so many relationships today, why are they going sour?

Everything is relative in life. What other way is there?

How do you put a man or woman at the head of your life? The same way you put God at the head of your life. You really have to listen and communicate if you want your relationship to work. What you give is what you get, started that way, keep it that way and then it can't help but end that way.

So what happened to make past relationships go bad? How do we learn from past mistakes? How do we learn from each other? Isn't that how we move forward?

(((your inner

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