The Fine Print

mortgages, credit cards, student loans, and other family financial dealings.

Do you know this is a WAR you're fighting? Yes, a real out right "full-fledge" war being and has always been waged against YOU. This war includes weapons of Mass Destruction and psychological warfare? You can't beat their asses physically, so why not mentally? Who is the wiser?

How can you make peace if you do not realize the war, the battles, and the causalities - catastrophe? Are African-Americans at peace or war? If all your POWs or Slaves are being good, by destroying themselves... A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign.

Why do they, why are they allowed to put "fine print" in documents and contracts especially those that are so important to your livelihood? Is it because they're fearful of running out of paper? These documents are so important to you are like a "mine field", yet you ignore all the signs of danger. Do you want to commit suicide? Do you know it would be better you go out back and cut your head off than keep falling victim to all this trickery? African-Americans need to end their race in America due to "Dismal Showing". We show up at the wrong shit.

Finances, Finances, Finances!

What are you going to do up there alone, Mr. Uncle Tom?

I mean our most educated, our greatest leaders, people who consider themselves sophisticated and intellectual are afraid to say, STOP FUNDING YOUR ENEMY. Do you think they make weapons for you to defend you or for them to defend themselves against you? Do you think they have police to protect you or to "defend" themselves against you? Who are the stupid ass police "guarding", you, both or just them? The police is their Armed Guard, because they make the rules. What is Class Warfare?

Even more important, why do you sign them? Even more important, why do you sign what you cannot understand? ARe you forced, compelled or equal? Do you know they deliberately write that shit so YOU cannot understand it? Like Jonah in the belly of a whale, how long can you there survive? He survived 3 days and we've been there a helluva lot longer.

Do you remember the time when you could legally get a loan on a handshake, what about the times when you could get one on your signature? What about the time when you paid back exactly what you borrowed, without all the interest rates? What about Black Farmers? But ever since a certain people has been eligible, the stakes just got higher and higher. Do you know these folk do not mind taking a chance at destroying their own asses just to make sure they destroy your "monkey ass"?

I’ve freed thousands of slaves and I would have freed thousands more had they known they were slaves.- the underground... It’s a damn shame and disgrace and even more so, you settle for it. Why go out and voluntarily enter yourself and family members into debt slavery?

I know ya’ll think I ain’t got no sense. Some of my closest well-to-do friends value themselves according to their ‘CREDIT SCORE”, their stupid ability to go out and buy whatever they want, on credit. We’ve done it so much until credit has become an integral part of our livelihoods.

The crazy part about this all is, the more shit we purchase on credit, the higher prices skyrockets. Then we question ourselves about skyrocketing inflation and the U.S. deficit? Now, you understand why we’re owned by countries like China, Great Britian… We do not give a “flying fuck” as long as our greedy asses get what we want and that mentality is sending us straight to hell, with our self-righteous asses. Before we get to hell, it's the root of us destroying ourselves. Do you think they're gong to tell you this?

We mock those on Government Assistance and especially those taken advantage of Governmental programs,,,,we say they’re abusing our tax dollars. One cannot deny the factuality of all of this, without first charging themselves with either deception or ignorance, either of which is equivalent to denying truth.

When you see the fine print, you ain't got to read it, you already KNOW! Actually, you will be better served my not reading the large print, but by going directly to the fine print and trying to read it. But you fool yourselves by saying you don’t want to know or it’s not happening to you. So you get that overpriced bullshit and go flaunting it around, which opens the door for thousands more to be trapped.

Think about your student loans, why start out 20+, 30+...thousand dollars in the hole? What kind of sound investment advice is that? It's better your dumb ass don’t even go to school, and DRIVE the prices down. Did you know you can drive prices down just like you drive them up, but GREED stands in your way. They will not fund you, but you will fund them? Why don't you take the weapon they're using against you and if you don't do nothing else, neutralize it?

While people are fighting for human rights, your greedy self-righteous asses are fueling the fire. People are actually fighting in 2012 to keep this kind of dumb ass shit from happening, yet.... President Obama fought for..

Well, this proves if anybody is abusing anything, if anybody is showing gross negligence, it is your stupid ass for getting “heads over hills in debt”. The Speck and the Plank mentality, predatory lending! Now, you probably want to know what I mean and here it is:

Have you ever been hit with hidden fees or increased payments for your checking account, credit card or payday loan? Have you ever been pressured into an agreement by a financial institution like a credit card company or mortgage broker that turned out to be too good to be true? Have you or someone in your family been the victim of a financial scam, or been harassed by predatory collection behavior?

Black people, in America, need to end this war in America due to Dismal Showing. Keep your mouth shut and perish or speak to the fish and it will vomit you out, upon dry land.

If so, we want to hear from you. And since your dumb ass can't seem to live without all their shit, go on over to Share your story.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) - a government agency dedicated to making sure the financial products and services that average Americans depend on every day, including credit cards, mortgages, and loans, work better for the people who "ABUSE" them. Abuse is my word. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

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