Letter to Black Women

Ownership, Control, Power struggles - the Garden of Hades

Look at all these little Mother Fuckers, they’re all geniuses. Throwing rocks and hiding your hand, time out? We must be open to talk about these things.

Why can’t we get along? Why do we hate each other so? Even worse than hating, why do you tear down each other so? What is the difference between the language I'm using and tearing you down - attention getting. I'm actually making you stronger and building you up - keeping it real. Not funny, not politically or socially correct. Our dignitaries need to understand we ain't putting up with no more of their fake shit and dead end roads.

This has nothing to do with race but a growing problem in the human race. I would like to address and resolve it, for I would like my Garden of Eden on earth, don’t you… Let’s start with Black Women and men.

Now, I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but why do you put all these superstitious requirements and demands on your Black Man? Why do you put them on your Black Sisters? Why do you put them on yourselves?

Why do we struggle against ourselves? This competition between "our own women" is killing us. Hell, unite and compete against your enemies, not yourselves. ARe you surrounded, is everybody your competition? There's healthy competition and unhealthy competition, why is the competition between us so fierce?

Today, our people are more divided than ever and we keep laying all these God Fearing requirements, which we have no earthly idea what they mean. What exactly is a God-Fearing man? Do you know we all have a little problem with that? We are hobbling our men, children and selves. I do not know who put all this superstitious bullshit in our head, but it is destroying us - Trickery.

There was a time when we had no control and we loved each other to death. Now, we have control and we hate each other to death. Don’t get on the defensive, but think; What do we need to do to resolve this great problem to save not only ourselves but a people, Not only Black people but "all people"! Do you know you have the power to save the World?

How do you do this? We must get along and show them how to best get along by Freeing ourselves. Freeing yourself means taking responsibility for all your own actions and stop telling everybody else how to live – be the example not the problem. Being free is LOVE!

When will Black Women start to embrace Black Women? Now, I’ve seen the Black Women Rock program and I am wondering where in the hell are these Black Women? It seems the smaller the town, the meaner our women. Domestic violence rules our lives. Ownership, Control, Power struggles, just look at our children, not yours, but OUR’S?

With women, everything is about competition? Women can share with everybody except each other. If I feel you are competition I will not even give you a compliment. It's all in your head!

Men think they should have their Garden of Eden but let somebody else look at your woman working in the Garden of Eden and it immediately turns to the "Garden of Hades", especially when you think this is your woman. We always want what someone else has. We say we don't, denial, but in reality we're doing everything we can to get it. Then, when we get it, we learn we didn't want it at all. The grass is greener mentality.

Ownership, control, power struggles – Let go of that Shit! You don’t own a damn thing especially that shit between their legs. Make peace, love and harmony; and Let's keep in touch.

(((your inner voice.com)))


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Black Men no see queens


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