confused and restless soul

I think on my family members. As I look in the mirror I ask myself, Why me? What can I do? Where do I turn? Should I be angry, disrepectful and harbor resentment? Why would anyone raise their children this way? Why do they crucify me like that? Who has poisoned them against me, when all I have ever done is love and give them the freedom to be the best they can with what they had? If you hate me, how can you love another?

They call me everything, but what I ought to be! Will there ever be love and respect in my house?

This reminds me of them dry bones.

Just the other day I discovered my daughter on facebook and nicely acknowledged her presence, only to learn that after more than twenty years of nothingness, nothing has changed. No matter what I ever did or do, they see no value and it only made things worse? They blame me for all their anger, resentment, confusion, chaos and it has only gotten worse.

Does the world really owe me anything? Where is maturity in all of this, the forgiving?

I ask myself, what can I do? In the first and only letters she has ever written to me, this is what she had to say: Letter from my daughter.

Affirm your love and respect for self. In all things find peace and never give up on your faith and family? Pray that!

(((your inner


Joyful anticipation!

Confidence and closeness.

Power without money?

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