My Passions, Your Passions

Today, in what kind of times are we living? Why?

oH WELL!!! WHATEVER!!! From that, what do you learn? What can you learn? Are we more concerned about "Rap" and wearing your pants on top of your head? Rap, the Weather Girl, have you heard her, do you understand "HipHop"? There are messages in the music of "footsteps in a crowed room".

What is your job? How well do you perform it? Why? Are you working "just to get a check"? What kind of music are we making together? Now, do you understand where time went?

How do you know someone who's wasting valuable time? In the times of need, can you depend on them?

How low will you stoop for a penny? Does it take that to survive or are you helping to drive our society further and further away from its "deep rooted passions"? Do you really know why you are here? Will it change anything? Stunted growth, how do you look in the mirror?

My Passions, Your Passions!!! I love it when a plan comes together. There is a difference between passions and being all screwed-up. There is a thing called self-respect. Just how do you build a society? Do you teach them crazy stuff for which they have no need and can never apply?

Don't have to do anything crazy to bring attention to yourself or your cause? Is not word of mouth good enough? What makes word of mouth not good enough? Are we using too many tricks to get people to buy and sell? The difference between fact and fiction, are we leading ourselves into slavery?

Whose going to take over this country? Well, if you are not in control... For what is there to defend?

Keep your passions alive!

OMG!!! What are my passions? Have I let go of my passions? Are my passions my last or first priorities? Am I following the natural course for my life or am I aimless wondering where ever the hell I want? Questions

Is that why your life is so screwed-up? Well, if your life isn't screwed up, why do you live in a world of screwed-up lives? Are you blind or Jose, can you see? How did we come to this dreadful end or is this a new beginning? Why am I always late to the party?

What guides you, If it is not your passions, then, What is it?

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