Funeral Day Hanging Around

Burying your head in the sand and hanging out at the local funeral home.

Like so many more perhaps you should check to see if you are dead already and just hanging around for the funeral day.

Whether it be McDonalds or whatever your favorite, you live in one of the richest countries in the world, but you are lowest on the totem pole and probably do not care. You only care that you are afforded all the luxuries of going on vacation without a cause.

Should it be you are not rich and talented, the simple question remain, Do you want to be, or could it possibly be you are comfortable in the rut in which you are stuck. It has been said before that a rut is just a grave open at both ends and no top.

I have met many people who have purposely gone to the trouble of writing a will – a plan for dieing – but yet they have never written a plan for living. They have no goals, no proper aims in life, but yet they plan and prepare for dieing. There are books, schools and classes that can change your life if you take time to look for them instead of putting your time into burying your head in the sand

This will remain so until you find a reason to look for "a better", a better life and a better way of treating yourself. Only then, you will realize there is magic out there that could be yours.

I’m Art Thomas and can offer two views of self improvement for you. (1) Few ever find true success and the reason for that Is few ever look for it. (2) failure is indicative to life, on which side are you?

(((your inner


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