Who's the biggest Gangster of all and what it means to be?

What does it mean to be a gangster, OG, BG or OMG? BIG BUSINESS, are we playing it up or down? Could it be we glorify the gangster lifestyle? Why do we ask if it is real or fake? Is it money and crime? Is it what we started, write, and say; then why do we do it that way?

A member of a gang of criminals; mobster, which am I, a notorious gangster? Does it include our lawyers, politicians, clergy, leaders, educators, is it Big Business? Does our system of government produce gangsters? Sirens wailing, lights are blaring and the chase is on.

Who strives off gangster activities? Has it become far too dangerous? No matter how good you are, can you avoid this train?

Supply and demand, if we did not demand it, would it be, could it? Crime is our biggest business and that is why gangsters exist.

(((your inner

Gangster Mentalities and Activities

Langston Hughes

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