Gangster Mentality and Activities

Am I apart of a gang, which gang?

Art here?

Gangster Mentality and Activities Now, I am reminded of all the people claiming to hate Rap Music, why? How can you get anywhere with hatred in your heart?

What does that mean? Is it any sign of the times? Is it any different from a not so long ago time?

So what happen then? To where did it lead? It is amazing how we turn things around, how we make the illegal, how we abuse them and how we take advantage of the system to get what we want1

Gang mentality, violence and other activities, how are they any different from what is actually going on today? Education, money, power, are they the difference? What about people too busy/lazy to even drive themselves around? Before we all was walking and now? Clean their own homes, yards, let us just say, "cleanup what they mess up"? What is that mentality saying, other than Art will not get paid? Is that something we all should aspire to do? How would it be if we all had someone else to drive us around while we acted so arrogant and important? A people like that would soon lose their driving privileges. Nobody would know how to drive?

What is the need for gangs? Then why do they thrive? Is it for the same reasons we allow our neighborhoods to go down? Think about this one? There is always somebody to point a finger. Did not we learn anything yet? Why is there a “them” and “Us”? Even crazier, I was raised that way. “Us” had to have what “they” had and now that we have it, we wish we could give it back.

They have a way of making everything they do sound so good, so beneficial for you and our society and then, when “us” buy off on it, we learn a whole new story?

Why is it so expensive to maintain an in ground pool? Why do so many people want one? Then we say, to each his own. But what we fail to realize is the same monies spent to build and maintain that in ground swimming pool could have been better spent helping our country grow stronger, upgrading some of “our” dilapidated properties, neighborhoods and communities. Here we go again, Us and They. On one hand, we are all one people in the same boat, upholding our patriotic duty, one for all and all for one; but when it gets right down to it, there are some who would not allow you in their boat, no matter how bad off you were.

"They" talk about how inferior “Us” is, but when you really think about things, who is really inferior to who and to what good are they?

We talk about how poor people make crazy decisions and purchases like cars they cannot afford, but we never say anything about the idiots who make such cars. About the idiots who bring drugs in? About the idiots hiking up the price gas and oil, cost of living, mismanaging people, land and resources entrusted to them?

If all the systems we have in place cannot attract young people from evil, do not that tell you we are doing something ridiculously wrong? Do they not want to go to church because they are evil or is it because they know the people in church are as phony as hell? Then we tell them not to go for others but go for yourself? Because you add another hypocrite to the pot is that going to make the pot any better? Why cannot we face the reality of all the evil we are doing - Equal opportunity employer?

Now, ask all the questions you want about “Gangster, Gang Mentality, violence and other related activities”; now you have your answers. We have always got to have some bad guys so we think we are good in our evil ways. So who is the real Gangster?

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Citation, Macon GA, talk about gang realated.

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