The Garden of Love

What's happening in the garden, why don't you have a garden? 96 degrees in The Shade...

Why do we, why did we turn our backs on our own gardens? How does any society survive without gardens

A computer free zone, now that you have air conditioning what do you do in it, that we used to do without? Does work and play mix? You don't miss the water until the well runs dry? Will going back to school really help you?

What happened to your gardens, have they grown up? Have you grown without them? Are you any less dependent or are you more dependent? What happens in an emergency, where do you go, will they welcome you or turn you away. God Bless the child who has his own.

Good morning art, Rose of Sharon. I am wonderful today, having lots of fun and furniture to get rid of for moving, then spending the night w/my gson. The garden of love that’s one. We'll be snacking on fresh blueberries, Asian pears from the tree, and anything we want from the veggie garden.

Might even get naked in the outside tub and play dinosaurs together. I love going there except for me it's a computer free zone.

i believe you are having a good day, your typing reads cheerfulness to me, so if ya feel like writing to me please feel welcome, reading is the 3rd thing i do when i get home.

I know one day my people are going to learn.

Peace, Love and beautiful men do love me (:--Rose of Sharon

(((your inner

If it ain’t one thing it’s another.

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