One Thing or Another


hOW DO YOU CAUSE MOTHERFUCKERS TO START THINKING FOR THEMSELVES??? How, why do you trust them better than your damn self? Everybody can understand this shit but YOU, why?

How do you make sense out of working for your enemy? Why do you give him the stick to beat your own ass? Is that sick or what? Then, you want to tell me this is my opinion. Is your opinion working for you? WAke the fuck up - WTFU?

If it ain't one damn thing it's another, think about that shit? Why do we further complicate matter and then we complicate even further to escape the matter. What good is escaping when you put yourself deeper into prison? If it ain't one thing, it's another.

Once upon a time we had it going on, technology, reasoning and logic worked together - common sense. However, today, technology supersedes common sense. What sense does that make?

Talking about Johari and a check-up from the neck-up, being between a rock and hard place, we don’t stand a chance.

This morning as I was going to work, I noticed all these other people doing the same and I asked why,,,, they said: Pay check. You mean all us motherfuckers are going to the same place for the same thing,,,damn. What's the problem with my work?

How do you feel working for something you can’t even understand? I mean the more you work, the worse it gets! If you plant crops, you get more crops, if you get money, you buy everything but what you need - deeper and deeper in debt??? Just look at the whole damn country! And for what you need, you want to pay someone considered less than u to do it. So, you’re working in hopes of what? Has the perceived need for money made everybody crazy?

Don’t you know working for money makes you work harder, not smarter? Don’t you know working for money got us where we are today? We never had any money, so what makes us think we’re going get some today?

Look at the people you think got money, do they have less problems than you or more? Do they live better than you or worse? Why do you make it appear that the people with money are the most successful, even more successful than you? The great pretender, I know one day you will turn around, so your love can be found.

What's a nice way to tell someone, anyone to GO TO HELL? gO tO HELL, GO TO HELL, GO TO FUCKING HELL, WHAT other way is there to describe this shit? The crazy thing about that all is, "the person to whom you're talking WILL NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND"? Everyday, if it ain't one thing it's another. What does that mean: It's the same old shit everyday!

Do something different! What is the better way? For what is your mind? Why do you allow your mind to work for idly, for nothing?

(((your inner

YO Harry!

This is not my game plan 9999

Why worry

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