going against the system

If everybody else jumped would you? Just because! Patriotism, is probably what you call that

Patriotism, is probably what you call that, but in Black America, we call it stupidity. Do you know how stupid some folk really are, you know? Why, just why, would anybody in sane body and mind want to kill or do bodily harm to themselves? I do not care what the conditions are, you have got to have a few big bolts missing in order to want that.

Suicide, is a long term answere to a short term problem, in where is the logic? Separate the strong from the weak? Put together those who desire to be saved by working together?

How do you go against a system without one shot being fired, without one person being wounded? A system you feel is detrimental to everything good and wholesome, how do you bring that to the attention of those who can make a difference, to those who are responsible? For doing that, what should you expect?

A system I know is killing you and everyone else. Right before your eyes people are suffering due to our own negligence and negligence in our system. We have got a great system installed, but we make it work for a few and against most and every day, we come up with a new bar? Raising the bar?

We are teaching our people how not to survive? How long can you live without safe drinking water? IF we are teaching our people how to live better, why is the quality of life worse?

You will not survive long by being in everybody’s business?


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Drunk, A standard?

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