Is Getting Drunk A Standard

Hooked on prescription drugs?

Let's see, Task, Condition and Standard? My point being why do we mass produce our own poison? Why do we make the shit to kill ourselves with? I do not mind a drink or two, three, four,,,,but what I do mind is what some people do when they are drunk and use it as their excuse? Double edge sword: we drink to gain courage and we drink to lose courage, relax? On one side, you are gaining and on the other you are losing, all at the same time. The Inidian Wars! Slavery! and you name it? How stupid could we be?

Though we know how we used alcohol to fight wars, we made all kind of restrictions, but we haven't outlawed it. It is not the alcohol, but the mass production of it that is dangerous. If it was not so readily available, suppose to have it, people would have a whole different attitude. Here's how fucked-up it is, people actually believe alcohol is better than weed? Then why not legalize weed?

Why would you ask your drunk parents? Though we know the abuse of alcohol is out of control, we will not address the root of our problem? Just like with oil? What do you do when you are hooked on prescription drugs?

Alcohol has been a major player in our lives through out the history of America, good, but mostly evil; so you must know that getting drunk in America is one of our highest standards.

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