Good suffer with the bad

people need to help themselves. Does the good suffer with the bad????

What happens when to be logical is to be illegal?

You hear it all the time, it rains on the just as well as the unjust?

So what incentive is there to be good, if the good is going to suffer with the bad? If a lady gets pregnant why do we make the man suffer? If two engage in a fight why do we punish both, if the good suffer with the good suffer with the bad?

That is man's law, we do not want to take the time to determine the root of all these little meanial problems so we make a law to discourage the whole thing, which does nothing but opens the door even wider for acts of injustice.

According to the laws of nature the good does not, never have and never will suffer with the bad. Whoever participates in wrong doing in going to suffer, even the judges for misjudging. If nature can take the time, why can man? Little things lead to big things.

Is it against the law to be logical?

The climate has nothing to do with it? So, what happens when it is illegal to be logical? We all shall parish!

logic is illegal

Leading a horse to water?

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