The Graduate

The Graduate

A Graduation Keepsake

The graduate Inspiration

A time to thank those who helped you make it through those tough years.

Your parents, your teachers, your siblings, maybe a coach...but mostly your friends...

Take energy and patience
and mix them well together
With plenty of good nature
that laughs in cloudy weather;
Add earnestness of purpose
in everything you plan
And much determination
Do this with conscientious care,
and we think you will confess
You've never found a better rule
for making a success. Anonymous

The pure, the bright, the beautiful
That stirs our hearts in youth,
The impulses to wordless prayer,
The streams of love and truth,
The longing after something lost,
The spirit's yearning cry,
The striving after better hopes--
These things can never die. Charles Dickens

Old memories
Of freshman hazing,
Pre-game rallies
With bonfires blazing...
Happy memories
Saved from dances
Blend with those
Of light romances...
Memories of study hall
And serious talks
Upon the mall...
Such memories,
Fond souvenirs,
Are ribbon and bow
Binding school-time years. Mary R. Hurley

We cannot hope to build a better world
without improving the individual.
Towards this end,
each of us must work toward his
own highest development,
accepting...his share of responsibility
in the general life of humanity. Marie Curie

If the power to do hard work
is not talent, it is the best
possible substitute for it. James A Garfield

We find in life exactly what we put into it. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knowledge is a treasure,
but practice is the key to it. Thomas Fuller

To know that we know what we
know, and that we do not know what we do notknow is true knowledge. Henry David Thoreau

Teachers open the door,
you enter by yourself. Chinese Proverb

Life is an arrow---therefore you must know
what mark to aim at, how to use the bow-
Then draw it to the head, and let it go! Henry van Dyke

Here you stand upon life's threshold, young
And earnest, with bright memories in your eyes,
One with your classmates when the songs are sung,
Filled with youthfull innocence, yet so wise.

You will always remember this proud day,
The ivied halls, the friendships, but you know
Beyond the campus gate, not far away,
A new world beckons, and you must go. Esther York Burkholder

Add to the Lamp of Knowledge
The fuel of human understanding,
And common sense,
And its light will serve you well
Throught the joys and challenges
of life. Barbara Burrow

When June returns with blossoms in her hair,
When skies are blue, and sun is warm and kind,
Your thoughts in restless, vagrant mood will fare
To those you loved and lost and kept in mind.

When moonlight soft shall through the blue dusk shine,
The shadow that across the campus lies
May be our class, slow marching, line by line,
Glad, friendly ghosts with fond, remembering eyes.

Oh, then remember those who now depart;
The tribute of a sigh on us bestow;
And may our songs still echo in your heart,
When other classes rise like ours and go.

And we, in turn, shall pledge our faith anew
By far-off seas, beneath a distant star,
And send our thoughts across the world to you,
Whenever June returns, where'er we are. Author Unknown

To find out what one is fitted to do
and to secure an opportunity to do it
is the key to happiness. John Dewey

Man's mind stretched to a new idea
never goes back to its origninal dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes

It is yours, this wonderful life
With yoru heart,
hand and mind
You hold the power to mold
Each golden moment,
Each shining hour
Into new designs,
Infinite possibilities. Tina Hacker

Congratulations, Graduate! And the best of luck to you! May this be just the start of all Your hopes and plans come true!

This keepsake was presented to me in 1974, by The Richardson Family; James M. and Annie Lee. I am happy to pass it on.

"Good Luck and Best Wishes!"

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The Prefect Graduation Gift.

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