Harsh austerity measures

What do they mean for America?

"A black day for democracy?"

Implementing additional austerity measures in order to get a battered economy back on track and to reassure international markets the country will not default on its debt, turned into a bloody nightmare, distress and outrage, in the blink of an eye.

An estimated 100,000 people took to the streets during a nationwide general strike when people, feeling betrayed by their government and the pain of austerity measures, anger boiled over.

New government cutbacks, slash salaries, pensions for civil servants and hike consumer taxes were just enough to cause "the black day for democracy". Economists say Greeks face years of living with less to even have a chance to avoid national bankruptcy.

In addition to more austerity measures, the country has to maintain social cohesion and peace; a collective responsibility to ensure the country does not default, taking the citizenry with it. And that would not have affected the rich, it would have affected workers and pensioners.

It is sad when you hear of such a violent event, especially with such intelligent, talented and industrious people. It makes you think all they were doing was for all the wrong reasons--"thieves and traitors". The people never saw it coming, so they strongly feel their leaders failed them.

Now, is a good time to analyze our own financial situation before we come to such blows? How does our financial future look? Though America is at the same fork in the road, some believe a violent debt crisis will never happen, even though we suffer with the exact same symptoms— tremendous debt and out of control spending. Our society is solely dependent upon money. I do not know how we got there, but I can clearly see what happens to a society whose economy is based heavily upon money—currency and cheating with statistics.

The crazy thing about it all is, the rich do not fall under these austerity measures, even thought they are provide the poor leadership that leads to economic breakdowns.

Who will come to our rescue? I fear what will happen to Americans. The shock and ramifications from Greece have shaken world markets and raised questions.

Health care reform, Wall Street reform, Immigration reform, Jobs, Clean-energy economy, a revolt of the states vs. the union, Terrorism, Religion…

Where is prayer? If one person is suffering, so are we all. The people never saw it coming. The global economy?

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