Art, how did you get here?

Let’s make a Porn movie together.

Movie Title: I hate pornography two.

Well, don't feel alone, I hate porn too. All those things I want to do, I just can't seem to figure out how to do them and not get caught.

Cast We need actors, actresses and an audienc, but they are all in denial. So let us skip the movie and jump right into it.

Why do you feel pressured to perform? Then, why do we go through all this courting stuff? Wherein is the competition.

What will be the initiation process? Does it require a high school or college diploma, Vocational School, OJT, resume, credit and local records check? Or is it just good ole fashion love? Can you be yourself and get paid simultaneously? Is sex and nudity a sin? What are the problems with safe, sane and consensual sex? So, why does just the opposite prevail?

I can imagine all the movie flops, presented by desperate people trying with all their heart and effort to make it to the top. At one point and time, you have it all, but due to some unknown factors you flopped. Well, we would like to avoid those flops to maximize our potential of being successful.

Why a porn movie? Low budget, pleasurable and potentially great rewards. To achieved surprising and unprecedented popularity among mainstream audiences, and even a review with a major component of mass media. Further, it beats the 8-5.

Why not porn? Egomania and non-control of your own overestimated power and the anti-pornography movement. Relationships plagued by violence, rape, forced prostitution; and constant physical and mental abuse. You literally become a prisoner. It is our ability to make people feel bad during a most vulnerable time. Some of these assertions have been challenged, but many have been verified by witnesses.

Multiple partners Is being married to multiple partners, at different times, any different from being married to multiple partners at the same time? Could save a lot of divorces couldn't it?

The initiation. Often the initiation starts well before adolescence. But if you miss it there, you can be reasonably assured to get it in marriage. Miss it there, you definitely will get it in relationships.

Where is porn Porn is at every stage and level in life. It is okay to aspire to become the best doctor, but in what matters most, it not okay.

What is the difference in Hardcore Porn and Everyday life? Does nudity make the difference? Is there a more humbling gesture than nudity? What about church? Job? Family? What is with being in the “state of denial”? The other day, I saw two guys, behind them were two girls, then a man and woman, then a woman walking the dog and then a man peeing in the bushes, two were sucking 'adult' popsicles and the couple was eating. People feel pressured and threatened to perform, hence: become a victim of their own inadequacies.

I remember in the early days of my marriage, my wife reading all those Romance Novels and I never understood why? Now, the book, 69 ways to have sex or so, takes on a new meaning.

Most people spend their entire lives participating in porn, but it is done in private, so that makes it taboo. HELLO! Further, due to their self initiated guilt and shame, they denounce it. So, they throw the baby out with the bath water. They lie, cheat and steal and it will remain that way until you open and honestly admit.

These are people who never take responsibility for their own choices and actions. Instead they blame others for everything bad happening in their lives. Power struggles! The "just as I am", we will never openly and honestly know nor experience.

Now, you know the real reason why people feel cheated and above all, look where you got it. (((your inner voice)))

They have made a few bucks off me, just like everybody else. We give meaning to our words, whether they are or are not. ~Cut~

Now, where do i go to get paid?


(((your inner

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