Why do you hate the color of my skin?

Beauty is in diversity. Discrimination is one of the oldest sins on earth. It ranks right up there with prostitution.

Have you ever wondered why dark-skinned people are not happy? Why do you hate the color of my skin, a dark skinned Black American? My hair, my lips and the list just goes on and on…but skin color is the culprit.

Why am I concerned? Did you know that many people are hurt or killed daily, just over the color of their skin? It causes one race or one complexion to want to be superior over another and reason for conflict. Obvious signs, we are good enough for you to lay around in the dark, which is how we got light skinned African people. But in daylight, your idea of beauty fits a mold that degrades all the features I possess. People judge and deny you based solely upon the color of your skin, the lighter, the better is the latest trend. No matter what dark skinned people do to be considered first class citizens, dark skin is always perceived as a second class citizen, inferior to the good of anything. Dark skinned people are supposed to be ugly. Take a look.

Racial discrimination comes from people and places you least expect. The government, jobs, housing and the church. You know it, but you can not bring yourself to admit it, nor do you wish to admit it? In America, especially the elite white men and women has it bad and are in denial. The higher they are the worse it is. The ones on the same economic level are more apt to openly express their hatred. You would think one of the two would do something about it? In church, they can preach to you all about God and sins, but little do they know they are the greatest offenders.

Self-hatred from people, who look just like me, is also a problem in the Black community.

These people hate themselves? If you raise two children together, they know no difference, but if you teach them hatred, they will grow up hating each other. Why dark skinned people treat light skinned people

We talk that stuff about real beauty being on the inside and character building, but when it comes to action, all of that goes out the window. Discrimination is ugly and is one of the oldest sins on earth...there will always be hatred for other people based upon prejudice...and this is a sad thing.

Do you know how much time and effort goes into converting dark skinned people into beings acceptable to lighter skin people?

Beauty is in diversity. Is the road up hill all the way?


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