Heart to Heart

Just how do you have a heart to heart conversation, for what reasons?

Just what is a heart to heart conversation and how do you have it?

The heart is most often represented with the color red. The color of blood is red. Red is often you to express power or action. But red is also used to express danger.

I do not want to lose this feeling. It is alright to feel good all the time. It is alright for another man to make another man feel good, but do not get me wrong. I am not with that.

So when should you have a heart to heart? I know when I can not pray, my heart speaks, praying in my heart, which is an expression of my sincerity, in private or public.

The heart, The center of emotion, the pumping station, pumping life giving blood over every part of the body. The vital or essential part; core: the heart of the matter.

Why? The Spirit prefers to work, shaping uncluttered hearts and imparting wisdom to uncluttered minds. A hardened heart can not listen and refuse to let the spirit flow. Clean your closet.

What should happen afterwards? Are you making it worth the effort? Will you progress? Do not ask me, if desired, seek it for yourself, One to one, man to man, house to house and heart to heart.

(((your inner voice)))

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