The Heart

Heart Beat!!!

My heart beats for you! Isn't that just awesome?

My first question would be, how do you express your anger?

Where is my valentine? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Does the rich have a heart? Does the poor have a heart? Which is in the most need of "A Heart"? A Hug? Why don't they heart and hug each other? A threatened people?

In our heart of hearts, when asked, "why does my heart beat", I answered, "my heart beats for you"! What a way to express your love to any love one? So, what is the heart of this matter?

The Heart is where the home is. It is the most vital organ in the body, pumping life giving blood throughout the entire body. They say the brain tells the heart what to do, but I am pretty sure if it was not for the heart, the brain could not perform its functions. The heart is the source of your inner voice.

It is amazing how the the heart responds to all your senses, most important of which is our spiritual sense of being.

Of all our vulnerable places, there are none so vulnerable as our hearts. It works from deep within and is located just behind our last defensive barrier. How much more clever could a creator be?

So how important is proper maintenance? It is the center of who we are and all we would like to be. The heart comes pre-programmed to beat. If you take care of your heart, your heart will take care of you. Keep it clean.

No matter how inhospitable or hospitable, twisted or straight a heart might be, if you can only get to the heart, you will have reached the heart of the matter. Heart to heart, we can live in peace and harmony. The heart is our safety and security, protect it that way.

Keep me firm and steady in my quest, thank you all from the heart of my bottom - sorry - bottom of my heart!

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(((your inner

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