A Help Meet

I thought interesting word and a short way of saying what it is you need in life.

If you have come to me in peace to help me, I am ready for you to join me. But if you have come to betray me to my enemies when my hands are free from violence, may the God of our ancestors see it and judge you.

A help meet is a less common used word for Help Mate. If you are a Christian, Help Meet is a biblical term for a helper and companion.

Hope you meet your help mate? You know all the stuff we put down or do in order to meet our help mate. How many names and descriptions do we have for the same thing?

Where is my help meet? Are you in accord with me, as I am with you? If so, give me your hand and I will help you.

ARe you and Island?

If we were focused more on being a "help meet or mate" instead of cutting people short due to religious beliefs, we would have much less control issues.

Helpmeet or helpmate, there's one or more for everyone.

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