Why do I keep holding on

Many have come and gone, it seems without negative or positive consequence, so it seems there is no value or incentive to holding on. So why do I keep holding on? Misery loves company!

Why do I keep holding on when the more I hold on the dimmer my light gets and the dimmer it gets the worse I feel? My feelings of helplessness overwhelms my ability to see anything clear. The question comes to me, why do I keep holding on?

The saying, how many ways do I love you, turns into, what in me is worth loving? Everything I touch turns to doom and gloom, now you understand why I do not touch you.

I give up the petty things in life, in hopes of seeing the bigger picture, but every morning, no matter how hard I work, I awaken to the same old thing.

So you say, get up and do something, pray, hold on, but then to what am I holding on? Talking about a walking time-bomb? Is there any merit to having your fist clenched so tight with nothing? Where is my life?

So, why do I keep holding on so long, it is better than letting go.

I am a man on a mission and I have seen so many others on the same mission, that have let go. And it does seem, it is easier to let go, but do you know the feeling that leaves in those behind you? They are my incentive to live and let live, to live well my friend and Hold on! Is not that what you want?

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