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How in the world do I do this? Can I do this with a website?

Why certainly and I encourage you! How do I get off stuck and move forward, make progress, prosper? If a person is never challenged they do not grow. How much are you willing to challenge yourself to be prepared? Poise yourself and change the world.

Despite our best intentions and big dreams, there are significant negative influences and obstacles to overcome. The biggest being self, "If only I had this, if only this was, if only we could, if only they would, if only we could do this".

I see life as being on a super charged train, people getting on and off. I see myself as having everything I need and an empty basket. The question is what is my empty basket for? How do I give when I I fear putting anything in my basket?

Healthy relations, how do you build and maintain them? You cannot give without first receiving! What I fill my empty basket with determines what I am able to share. Values!

I am bad at quite-a-few things, but I am very good at turning potential into reality. That requires hard work and dedication, which most people are not willing to do. It is more mental and spiritual than physical. I did not graduate college to be a "know it all", I did it to prove a point to myself. In addition to my daily grind, I stuck with it, no matter how tough it got. As a matter of fact, the tougher, the more humble I am. I know as long as I hang on, things will change. Can I hang on long enough? What would have happened had my closest allies given up on me? Surround yourself with people going your way and stick to it.

Know yourself. What we believe determines who we are and impacts everything we do. Building healthy relationship networks, growing the skills of men, women and children, and promoting the transfer of wisdom to our younger generation, requires a firm commitment to self and future.

Does that mean it is going to be easy? Well, if you are looking for easy, you may want to look somewhere else. your inner voice continues to encourage and participate in the development of the God-given potential in all people, including me and that is not easy. But that is what I want in return.

Look at yourself, deep down inside, because you cannot force change. People must want to change and you must know what is needed in order to carefully help bring about change. Generally speaking, people want to see better times. Little do they know, those better times lay deep down within them. That is some awesome potential.

How do I reach my full potential? Is that your passion? For that, you must work like hell for the rest of your life, so why not make it apart of your life? Those "ifs" will keep coming. Here, the most common factors are most people alone, do not have the motivation to work that hard, so they do other things and sell themselves short. They want to be associated with nice, clean and wonderful, but do not want to go outside their box.

Well, if you are going to take on a new partner, what must you first do? What happens when you get a new house, a new business, it is the same with self. You must analyze the situation and customize it accordingly. Does that include cleaning and the more of that you do, the less you have to do. Good maintenance and personal hygiene make all the difference, from the inside out.

"We" do this through an exchange of information; I share and inspire you to share. Pay it forward! Communications has to be continuous, open and honest, and a two-way street, no matter the consequences.

Can you be happy when you are not where you are supposed to be? No, but when you can see progress you can.

In the heat of battle, somebody has to have common sense, so take hold of your thoughts and effectively use them to encourage others! I am honored and blessed to live and work along side some very talented people. Even when I fail or am in need, they stick to it. Are you a better person than me, then I invite you to join me in the process of learning and inspiring others. Together, we can turn our maximum earning potential into reality!

Stay tuned, a change is coming and Never give up on your dreams. Where is my farm?

Life Coach Here

Divine Potential

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