Homes need new owners?

Houses, Houses everywhere but no takers, Why?

It's hard to imagine a home selling for the price of a car, but nonetheless, some home prices in some sections of the country are now comparable to prices of luxury cars.

And, no, we're not talking about Bentleys and Rolls-Royces, we're talking about Acuras and Hyundais and cars that are purchased and accessible by many Americans.

Over inflation has driven the housing market into the ground. Not only, but in particular houses. Today, empty houses are abundant, but there are no rent or forsale signs.

Some of the homes are distressed sales - no surprise there. These properties are in an overwhelming "log jam" of foreclosed properties.

All of them appear to very good house, but need a new owner and lots of TLC to make them a home.

People, many of which are victims of predatory lendings, are looking for homes to buy and rent, yet are being told these homes cannot be sold or rented.

Even crazier, new houses and developments are being built at alarming rates - go figure.

Is our economy so distorted as to allow us to standby and watch these "good houses" go to the recycling bend? Will owners and finacial institutions make these vacant homes available at affordable prices?

Will they be boarded up, tagged with gang graffiti, magnet for riff-raff, gangs, teen hangout spot for weekend raves, crime scenes, squatters, crack smokers, interlopers, and/or curiosity seekers? Uninhabitable?

What is the underlying scheme, economic strategy, the logic behind banks and financial institutions foreclosing on so many properties?

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