Listening to your inner self

Art thomas, life coach

I am inspired to share this experience about listening to yourself, which most find it so hard to do. I call it the mod mentality. So where are all the free thinkers?

They say the best prayer prayed is the one you pray for yourself.. I think of all the religious wars, chaos and confusion. Is is all about a God on the outside? How does that God allow you to do the evil things you do?

Lazy and complacent, we always want to follow something we do not understand, so we can have an escape goat, an excuse, something to blame.

Even today, these religious wars are going on, do you believe in JC? Do you hate, denounce atheists or any other groups of people? Why can't you just live and help live? Is that listening to your own understanding?

your "inner self", (the God within)

I think you are so "right on" about encouraging people to think from the inner self (the God self within).

That to help people become positive thinking individuals that have confidence in who they are and what they do as I believe they were born to do. Humans get so screwed up thinking that someone knows best for them. They be come lazy and complacent, not even desiring to help themselves.

Is it human nature for a small child to think that? Children are in a vulnerable position when they are little. I believe we develop many of our negative concepts about ourselves around the age of four, and we then carry those beliefs with us the rest of our lives unless we are able to question them and realize those beliefs were formed by a young mind that was not yet mature enough to understand and analyze the facts.

One of the typical beliefs we develop around that age is we are not smart enough or good enough. I was in a group of people once when this subject came up. Someone then asked everyone in the group how many felt that way. Almost everyone there held up their hand.

I know I have a hard time not being concerned about what other people think. I imagine I know what they are thinking. But, the truth is, I don't really know if I question myself on it.

My mother was so concerned about what the neighbors think. You see, I know where this habit came from, but even at this age I am fighting that belief everyday and if I let it, it inhibits my behavior.

What I would like for myself is to always ask myself, is it really true what I am thinking. If I am projecting something into the future that hasn't happened yet, then the question becomes how do I know it is true. The answer always is, I don't. (This philosophy was developed by the woman Byron Katie. ) A strong sense of oneself and ones purpose is so important.

Going within and believing the answers come from God within......not out there outside of ourselves.

You scare me a little because I think by knowing you, you make me have to come to terms with my fear of what others think. I hope I am up to the challenge. -- SV, Mexico

Dealing with your inner self, (the God within)? If you cannot deal with the God within, how in the world will you ever deal with the God without? There is no possible way, I don't care how many books you read. You will be even dumber than you were before?

Lazy and complacent, so much so, we're too lazy to listen to our God within?

Is that what's wrong with our society? Following other people, you cannot live, but by understanding and being compassionate to our differences, our lives can flourish. Respect, how else do you become yourself? A Pressure and stress too great! Would that be God's understanding?

Thanks for sharing,

(((your inner


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