Iranian Drone

Pretty impressive and too big NOT TO KNOW. Is it real or not? Ours or theirs? Then, if it is?

Drone::: Fact or fiction? Is it the real mccoy or not? Are we or are we not missing one? What is all the commotion about? Can you believe it?

Where is "the self destruct button"? When things go wrong or awry they really get out of control don’t they? To whom does this impressive looking aircraft belong and what exactly are their intentions? If it is not American made owned and operated, then I understand?

If it is American owned and operated, then why can't we nicely ask for it back?

How did they get it? Downed U.S. drone recovered in Iran? If we're missing one and they came up with one, what does that say? But if not, then we know.

Okay, now who’s in this photo with said drone? Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attended the unveiling of the drone, dubbed the "Karrar", in a ceremony marking Iran's Defense Industry Day. Drone that crashed in Iran was on CIA recon mission Iran says its military has U.S. drone in its possession ... Now, Okay, somebody has "fucked up"?

Who's lying?

Iran drone
What is it? Iranian Drone, unmanned, remote controlled, advanced stealth reconnaissance or spy plane, bomber. The unmanned aerial vehicle is capable of carrying out bombing missions against ground targets and flying long distances at a high speed. HOLY SHIT!

Is there fowl play and if so, on whose behalf? Does it “look like” it was “shot down” or "crashed"? Then Where is the “self destruct button”? Or am I brainless?

However, Iran unveiled photos of its first long-range military drone manufactured in the country. Wonder why? What’s wrong with that? Why didn’t they get so upset when we unveiled ours?

Somehow, are you feeling poorer and less stable? Of this whole mess, who's most likely to be at fault and not trusted?

Are we saying, "don't be surprised when you get surprised"? We know where our drone was and what it was doing. That will tell you if the Iranians are telling the truth and their intentions. That will tell you if we have a good reason to fear and why didn't our government say something earlier? It makes me wonder whose side are they own? How can they expect you to be responsive, accountable, not leaking; when they aren't?

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