I've done a lot of stupid things in my life? Is this just another "brainless campaign"?

Art, why do you call it "brainless"?

To what end does it lead? What's our goal, objective, task, condition, standards? What exactly is your role?

That is where my idea of being "Brainless" came into fruition.

Not only "brainless", you do not expect or respect none of my senses, I don't care how much I tell you it hurts.

Looks like, the more I tell you it hurts, the deeper you stick it in.

So what am I suppose to get out of this "mind fuck"? What's my role?

The benefits of running your own business in the cloud?

Is an "airplane" a good investment? What about a swimming pool, one with all the chemicals? What about a "drone"? It was alright that you had them, but now you shot your little rocket over the fence, what are you going to do about it?

You asked will, they use your technology against you? The same technology you were using to blast them to "Kingdome Come", you now ask, after them confiscating it, will they use it against you?

Do you have the courage to go around to the front door and ask permission to get the toy you shot over into their yard? Or will you try and "steal" it back? Will you take on the risk of people dying unecessarily to get "your" Big Boy toy back?

Brainless!~ Just another brainless campaign. Here we are looking at them, looking at our spy rocket we use to bring about death and destruction and we're wondering what are they going to do with it?

Will we wait to see what their investigation determines? Is it just "a matter of time"? Should we expect and prepare, even if it doesn't happen?

(((your inner

Brains and using less than 12%

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