Jumping on the BandWagon!

Are you jumping on or off? The happiest person in the world! Who, in their right mind would not jump on your bandwagon? People are looking for what makes them happy. If you knew the answer, they would jump on your bandwagon. What about mine?

We jump on a lot of bandwagons during our lives, for a lot of different reasons, most of which we regret, if we live. So does that stop us?

Do we know the best bandwagons on which to jump? There is so much information out there. The sad part about it is, it is mostly about helping somebody else. How do you ever learn to help yourself? What are the most important things to you?

When you learn to help yourself, you are better able to help others. When you help others, it comes right back to you. That is the best bandwagon on which to jump and here is how.

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