just wanted to hear your voice


What are people really saying when they say things like that?

I was just calling to hear your voice...okay, now what? Sounds like a guilty plea. Then you ramble on for the next few minutes, until you find something to chat about. Which is most likely going to be nothing, unless you get lucky. Why don't you call and tell me what your are doing?

When pushed for an answer, most say "nothing" or I really had nothing in particular on my mind, then why the hell are you calling?

I think about things like that. Are they habits, not good or bad?

Another good one is, I was just thinking of you? You know if someone was just thinking of you, the next question is, what were you thinking? What next? I am not going to tell if you aren't. How can you think Nothing or nothing in particular? So where do you go from there?

Do you tell them I am depressed enough? Lonely and just want to talk, why don’t you get something on your mind? Why not a good idea?

These are people who want to come across as caring but nosey? What are you going to do when you find out all about me? You know!

So why spend all that time jaw-jacking like you have nothing better to do? I am not too sure whether these kind of phone calls are not more harmful than good? Why do you think I am plucking away at these keys?

These are people who spews mindless to your reality, or is just plain boring, and is therefore wasting your valuable time. Unless you get lucky.

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