know the truth

Is there any reason to know the truth?

From where do you know the truth? Should you try the new drug? To what news do you listen? How do you know it’s true? What good does it do to listen?

Top honors seven-five years late?

Many people openly express their dislikes, let’s use rap music for an example. They indicate they like all music except rap. Here is the flip side to all of that.

You can hear, read…all seven senses to receive information, but none of it is true until you actually confirm it. A good example: Because you hear something on the news, does that make it true? Is it true most of the time? With that much news flooding your communication waves every day, how could you ever know truths? So most have learned to say, Whatever, oh well?

However, does that make it so? How do you feel when someone says, whatever to what you are saying? Then, why do you say it? Are you saying one thing but meaning another?

Is it good news or entertainment? What is the difference between that and this?

So exactly where are your enemies? Do you know the signs that enable you to detect and deter your enemies? From which direction will they attack? Do you really have any natural born enemies? Could they come in the form of a relative, do they most often come in the form of someone who knows you well? Then why do you keep doing stupid shit, knowing all the time you are getting nowhere, you are going to be busted? Why do we continue to poison each other? Why don’t we take time to test it before we sell it? As is? So what is the incentive to do better?

They say you have a choice to which news you listen, but if you are flooded, how can you? You would have to go against the tide in order to avoid all the damaging news. Dance spoof of royal wedding goes viral? Bizarre moment in NBA game? Dog teaches baby to crawl? Five tips for last minute tax savings? 35 killed, Gadhafi forces, Calif. Republican allegedly….

Did you decide on those headlines? Did you decide on rap music, but it is steadily being pushed at you. Why? Just how do they or could they or could it make your life better? As much as I admire my long distance neighbors, what can I do? Why not tell me some shit that I can actual affect? Is it that the news media wants to dumb you down? Is that the news is targeted towards people who can identify with the royal wedding? Is that you are too dumb to know the difference? Does money actual run our country? Who makes up the labor force? Why do you keep doing the same old stupid shit – giving them the ammo to shoot you?

If you are sharp, your seven senses will enable you to determine the truth. If you listen, they will guide you safely through. But if you never have time, caught up in the current media frenzy, listen to all the crap being pushed at you, YOU ARE A RAP MUSIC FAN.

Seven senses to combat seven deadly sins? See, hear, touch, smell, taste, spirit - Six_senses_and_Home_Land_Security

Means of communications are my senses! Only you can confirm truths.

(((your inner

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