Lame Duck

A lame duck person and you wonder why shit never works out?

How can it with so many lame ducks?

It is amazing how some say things have changed, some say not and some say it is a matter of opinion? So what exactly is the truth of the matter?

The term lame duck sounds so cruel, yet is a term used to describe the end of time for someone, no longer eligible to serve and unable to pay debts, most commonly referred to broken down politicians.

The dangerous side to a lame duck is since they no longer feel beholden to people, they will take advantage of their position against the wishes of their constituents.

Sounds like a bitter sweet moment, but they are happy to give their position up. It's somewhat mean-spirit looking toward the future. And what they so often overlook is what they say to the world, saying what they do is okay, yet they do not want to be treated the same - double standard.

If you are going to be a lame duck, you open the up to happen to you.

(((your inner

Slaver, poverty, denial

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