The hiding place!

There is something about keeping a diary! Not being able to see anybody's face to communicate, touch, hug, love nor to feel human? Deprived of simple pleasures, am suffering or sacrificing?

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. --Mother Teresa

Sometimes I am better off that way. I am probably the world's worse here because, I often suffer from the same.

I am learning and taking action on how to do better. Communion with the divine is possible through contemplation and mediation; that is my pilgrimage. Can I handle it? Fasting and praying for how long, how many years of looking out the windows?

My better off comment means: Rather than being in the bad company, confusion and chaos, I am better off alone.

Let us take a minute to reflect, of the many, these are just a few who come to my mine and I did visit the hiding place of Ann Frank: Anne Frank, Nelson Mandela, MAHATMA GANDHI , Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and there are numerous others and more on the horizon. I see you.

Now, I am reaching out to everyone I meet. Can you stand it? I have just kept on going and it has become a beautiful part of my personality. I love it as you can tell. But I am certain, pretty soon, A Change is going to come! Even as I speak, inspiration, spirituality and Income. What is wisdom? From where does it come? Can wisdom be taken away?


It is not good when people are alone; I will make them a helper comparable to them to whom they can be fully human. So really I was and never is really alone!

Being fully human means enjoying relationships with other human beings. Stay focused, do not turn away from Me nor yourself.

No matter the cause of loneliness, sin, loss, shame, sickness, depression, "this is not good". We are created to be in close relationship with divine inspiration and each other. Share it!

Reach out and develop those needed relationships—for your sake and theirs. There are many more people just like you and me.

The reward for sacrifice is freedom and democracy, an open society which respects the rights of all individuals.

You are never really alone, the question is: Can you accept your fate?


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