One Simple Question

What does being a "bad boy" make you? Friction is ever present!

The number of people who never stop to think, ready, fire and then;;; AIM? Is that how we get wars? How are we suppose to get along - The old, the young, all of us with all our differences? The hurt, the pain, the suffering, trials and tribulations, are they not enough?

In all our infinite wisdom, Do we really know when enough is enough? Do we realize where and to whom we really belong? Day in and day out, what about "your best work", putting your best foot forward or are you just along for the ride?

Wondering why and wondering how? Always why? How did you get here?

Help those who are trying to help themselves!

Why me, why not you? Not enough information and now, information overload. Is the goal, "your idea"; Is it to allow friction to ride or is it to spray a little WD40 in the just right places?

There use to be more questions than answers, but now there are more answers than questions? We're all seeking a direction, which answer will you choose?

Use to think we could do anything, but now we're so afraid to try.

Can "One simple question" answer your whole life? I want to stop but I don't know how! Is death a body snatcher?

I too seek to understand my environment, always observing, blending, adapting, and absorbing. Then, I give back by documenting and/or recreating these surroundings and emotions.

I know my work will influence cultures, while maintaining the intergrity from which they were snatched.

In part or whole, Does this message resonate with you?

(((your inner




Langston Huges



The Mayview Road Band

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